Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Interbike 2013 Homebrew Build

Built for the Minoura Japan booth, with Tanaka hammered fenders, Soma New Xpress Tires, Gamoh wood rack, and Crane brass bell. Complete bikes arriving stateside January 2014.

New Albion

Does the world need another bicycle brand? If every entrepreneur asked that when considering a project, they wouldn't be doing much entrepreneuring.
The American Spirit has always been to try to do their own things --- if not better --- at least different ---- if not innovative --- at least cooler looking. We do what we like and hopefully someone else will like what we make. Not always the smartest way to go, but passion is not in the brain, is it?

New Albion was what explorer Sir Francis Drake called the part of the rugged Northern California he discovered in 1579. Albion means England, so it kind of like the west coast's "New England" (not really).

New Albion is also the name of the first micro-brewery in the United States. Being raised in Northern California and enamored with its history and being a big fan of the small beer, we dub our new bikes, New Albion.

New Albion celebrates the pioneers (and bicycles) of yesteryear.