Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Albion Bikes Around Social Media

Sometimes we wonder if company blogs are still worth keeping up, if said company is already on Facebook and Twitter, etc.  Sometimes even we get tired of finding ways to toot our own horn. But still we must, if only to let folks know we haven't gone on a permanent vacation.

Here are some photos from around the web of our bikes for use as proof of life.

Starling on the cover of Momentum Magazine

Sera picked up a Starling from Glady Bikes in Portland. #newbikeday

Kim Horgan borrowed this Homebrew from Volker Cycles to
photograph Kansas City, MO. She couldn't resist taking
a few photos of the bike as well.

A Privateer build for Bicycle Times Magazine to review.
Currently our cover image on the Facebook.
Yasmine with her customized Homebrew courtesy of Swell Cycles.
Christopher U. hashtags....bikecamping....outside is free!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Albion Cycles Dealers

Here is a list of great bike shops who have ordered New Albion bikes or frames.
Not all these shops will have bikes on the floor, but all will be able order and fit you on one.
We will post this on the main site eventually.

Transit Cycles, Tucson, AZ

Stone's Cyclery, Alameda, CA
Village Professional Bicycle Parts, Fallbrook, CA

Bike Connection, Palo Alto, CA
Motostano, Redwood City, CA
Ikon Cycles, Sacramento, CA
A Bicycle Odyssey, Sausalito, CA
American Cyclery, SF, CA
Citizen Chain SF, CA 
Pedal Revolution SF, CA
Swell Cycles, SF, CA  

Jinji Cycles, Denver, CO
Peak Cycles, Golden, CO

All Bicycles, Deerfield Beach. FL


Rapid Transit Cycle Shop, Chicago
Ciclo Urbano, Chicago
Bikesmiths, Bloomington, IN

Gravel and Grind, Frederick, MD

Laughing Dog Bicycles, Amherst, MA
Hub Bicycle, Cambridge, MA

Bikes Not Bombs, Jamaica Plain, MA
The Spoke, Williamstown, MA

Treefort Bikes, Ypsilanti, MI

Hartsburg Cycle Dept, Jefferson City, MO
Polkadot Bicycles, Lincoln NE

New Jersey, NJ

New York:
Sid's Bike Shop NYC
North Carolina:
Island Hopper's Bike Shop, Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Crank Bicycles, Portland, OR
Gladys Bikes, Portland, OR

Green Bike Coop, Waldport, OR
Cyclotopia, Corvalis, OR

South Dakota: 
Cranky Jeff's Bicycle Shop, Rapid City, SD

Ozone Bikes, Austin, TX, Richardson, TX
Bicycles and Smoothies, Houston, TX

Saturday Cycles, Salt Lake City, UT 

Onion River Sports. Montpelier, VT

Lucky's, Richmond, VA

Aaron's Bicycle Repair, Seattle, WA
Alki Bike and Board, Seattle, WA
Counterbalance Cycles, Seattle, WA
Recycled Cycles, Seattle, WA
School of Bike, Seattle, WA


British Columbia:
Dream Cycle, Vancouver BC 
Union Street Cycle, Vancouver BC
The Bike Kitchen, Vancouver, BC
The Lions Cyclery, Kelowna, BC

Fitz & Fowell, Montreal
Revolution Bikurious, Montreal

Natural Cycle Co-op, Winnepeg

TR Bikes

Velostatt, Wabern

Other Dealers: If you don't see your name listed here and you are stocking us, let us know. Bike shops can purchase New Albion through one our distributors.
Retail Customers: If you walk into one of the shops and don't see a New Albion, don't be afraid to ask them to order one for you.