Thursday, February 27, 2014

Privateer Build for

I just had to take some pictures of this bike before sending it off. The Privateer is such a versatile bike, so it can be built up many different way for different conditions and riding styles. This one is set up for unpaved roads, long distance rides and some light trail riding.

We used all our favorite parts on this build. Plenty of gears, friction shifters, chubby tires, and a semi upright hood position make this build ideal for all day rides off the beaten track.

The Soma Classic Curve fork matches the frames geometry perfectly, and looks great with the silver panels and components. The traditional fork blade bends make this especially compliant ride.

Tons of clearance, even with 38c tires.

The Sun XCD rear derailleur allows you to shift a wide range cassette paired with the Sugino XD triple cranks.

Keep an eye on for the upcoming review.