Friday, June 20, 2014

New IRD Wide Double Crankset

If you've been looking for a double crankset with a super low climbing gear, give these IRD Defiant 94mm puppies a look.

They come standard with a 46 tooth big ring and a 30 tooth little ring. That combo gives you a decent range for the flats, but doesn't preclude some serious loaded hill climbs either.

The great thing about 94mm five bolt rings is that they're still relatively easy to find compared to 3 bolt and 6 bolt patterns. Sugino, Surly, Blackspire, Raceface, Dimension, Vuelta, FSA, and TA, as well as the IRD Mjolnir rings are still readily available in the 94 BCD size, so there's no need to horde away spare chainrings.

Aesthetically they're similar to the existing 110 and 130 BCD versions. These cranks offer low tread (q-factor) and a super stiff pedaling platform due to the straight crank arms. They're a great choice if you need a lower climbing gear than a 110 double can accomodate or you want to swap out a touring triple crankset. 8/9/10 speed compatible, and they'll work well with the IRD Alpina touring front derailleurs too.

Preorder from Rene Herse >>>